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Let us know how we can improve. Our end goal is to offer to everyone the possibility to generate a passive income through liquid Real Estate investments completely integrated into the DeFi.

To achieve this, we’ll need your help, through ideas and feedbacks!

It would be nice if the new RealT Wallet would support the connection to a hardware wallet (like Ledger) without entering the seed phrase (idem to metamask)

Hey @yohannlibot - brillant idea. Seems great, if the community can guide the development of future features.

Regarding new features, after investing over the last 5 months :

  • A ‘wallet’ feature that allows you to send and save $/€ on RealT. It allows you to have the funds already available when you buy a token and allows regular investors to top up their account whenever they want.

  • The ability to have referral earnings reinvested in the reinvestment house.

What do you think ?

I corroborate with what Steini said and I think it would be interesting to add the possibility of having ‘‘watch only’’ accounts in the RealT wallet. An account where only by providing the public address of your wallet you could see your rents and your properties, in short: the replica of the RealT dashboard :slight_smile: