Problem with xDai

Hello everyone,

I have an issue with my xDai wallet I think. In fact, I can see thanks to my xDai adress that I received 2 tokens yesterday (0.19 USDC) but I have 0 xDai in my balance. How am I suppose to convert them into xDai ?

Thank you for your answers.

adress : 0x39DFD17dc43d452F93F1f8e29aDD2adDa604CD71 - xDai Explorer (

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Hello, you should get 0.01xdai from the faucet here :


you can keep them in USDC, but as anthony said you can also get 0.01 xdai from the faucet (if it still has funds), and that way you can transact plenty of times, as transactions on xdai are very cheap.

but you can accrue your rent in USDC and keep it in USDC for as long as you want.

If you still wish to convert to xDai or wrapped xDai, then you can use any DEX (like or to convert it, this yields a cost though, as you have to pay a small amount to liquidity providers on levinswap/honeyswap (or any other DEX you choose to use).

The best way