Realt - binance cashback ?

Anyone paying with Visa binance card here and getting cashback ? (I know that crypto.c** is OK)

Found this on reddit: Yes they started to exclude many of them. First are ebay/paypal… i waited 3 hours on live chat to understand that. Also others - “Merchant name like 'PP or CORE SCIENTIFIC INC or CRV Card or BILLHOP or REALT CO or Card Payment or CATAWIKI or payu ’ && mcc = 8999” Today seems like Lidl,Kaufland does not work too !!!

Thx for sharing your experience :wink:

I bought several properties, one with the card binance, I did not receive any cashback, another with the crypto card ( I received 2% cashback in CRO

I just saw on the TG channel that other Realt user had the same problem…
So yup, avoid binance card in the future for cashback on realt.

Quick update: binance cashback has been denied for “realt co” on my last transactions.

Hi, witch CB are you using?

I have the red one and cashbacks work fine with RealT so far, last time i transacted with it was maybe 1-2 weeks ago and it was all good

Hey fellow RealTors, sorry to necro this thread a bit…

I’ve only just gotten my Binance Visacard and started staking some BNB on Binance and so far I’ve noticed it takes a while (a month I believe) to have the required average 1xBNB staked for the 2% cashback, thus I’m still waiting… But after just reading the posts here I’m afraid my plan to use it for RealT purchases will go down the drain! Does anybody have an update on using the Binance card and if would be the best alternative at the moment?

Also it seems like BlockFi could be moving to the EU. To use their card with 1,5% BTC cashback could be a great alternative imo!