[RealT Wallet] Dashboard view


I don’t know if it is in roadmap but it would be nice to have a Dashboard view in RealT Wallet like the community dashboard.

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There is one! The API needs to be updated though. It was initially created by a community member

Here it is: https://dashboard.realt.ch

There’s also an app developed by Rubengaviles: google play, apple appstore

Maybe in the future this could be implemented within the RealT wallet, but I wouldn’t know if it’s in the roadmap for now. Just thought I’d let you know these dashboards do exist (although API needs an update).

Yes ^^
I know the the community dashboard but it’s outdate unfortunately.


If you are on Android, I made an app that supports the xDai chain: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.veryonline.realt


Thank You :slight_smile:
Your app is very good.
In my assets list, the property 17813 Bradford St, Detroit, MI 48205 is missing.

Thank you!
I just updated the database, could you try to refresh your portfolio? (by doing a swipe down on the asset list)

Done but it still the same :confused:

Very Nice Dashboard. I tried to connect with Metamask, but my RealT account is on xDai’s blockchain. That is surely the reason why it doesn’t works for me. So sad I’am

lovely app! make sure to post this on discord/telegram, the community will definitely like it

Thanks! I don’t recall who the original developer was but there are certainly some really nice devs in the community.

At the moment that dashboard only tracks assets on ethereum mainnet. There’s some functionality available but the Uniswap price tracking at the moment seems to be broken. Tracking portfolio value on mainnet works fine. Once there’s a significant update to it, I’m sure the team will notify in the groups.

Either way you can track your assets using this app that Will developed and posted above https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.veryonline.realt

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Thanks so much. I’ll install it asap

very nice interface :slight_smile: ive bought the advertisement free version :slight_smile: ty

Thx for your support! :slight_smile:

Great app! Posted it on Telegram and Discord, hope you don’t mind .

Is it possible to track rent also on xDai?

+1 for a tracking rent option

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Hmmm, rent is already tracked on xDai :thinking:

The latest rent that I see seems to be on ETH mainnet as USDC

Did you choose the reinvestment property?
Can you DM me your public wallet address?

This is mine with rent delivered on xDai chain:

Nevermind, now it works also. I had previously another wallet address for the first xDai chain payments so that is why those were not shown in the app. Forgot that it tracks only a single address.

Cool! :slight_smile:
Yep, the option to add multiple addresses is planned!

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