Realt's own Cryptocurrency

I think it’d be amazing if RealT where to come out with their own cryptocurrency like many other companies such as Propy, ATLANT and imbrex have done. Your idea is unique, your community support is huge and for me the team has been extremely supportive and attentive which is why you’d probably gain support from a lot of people. The Crypto space needs something like this to revolutionise real state and a cryptocurrency could really help it out. Let me know what you think!


I’m curious what would be the utility of the token you are thinking of ? Most of the platforms that hold a token use it as a reward for Liquidity providers.

Not saying it is a bad idea but I think that maybe NFT airdrops for users would be a more useful way to reward the community.

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At the moment the Levinswap liquidity pools are incentivized with LEVIN, whether there will eventually be a RealT token that isn’t a property token is really anyone’s guess.

Stay tuned though, they’ve sort of casually talked about this in the community calls, but there’s really no news about it for now, we’ll see about it in the future, but your idea is cool

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