Reinvestment option

As someone who is still learning I would like to ask for more explanation on ‘Reinvestment’ option. Could you please explain in more details or suggest some example? Many thanks for your patience and great job. Jiri

If you choose reinvestment option the rent from your properties will not payed in USDC to you but instead it will be reinvested and you’ll receive tokens (or fraction of it) of the reinvestment property with the same value of your rent. Cause this Property also generates income it’s like compounding the rent.

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understand now. Many thanks.

hi refri, I have studied the documentation I received (it is a lot of new info for me). I though I will get an option to choose how much in realT tokens get reinvested. I must have missed this. Does the reinvest option involve all other tokens I purchased before or is it related to the property with ‘reinvest’ option only? I received documents making me a part of ‘Series’. I understand this is related to that particular property only. Many thanks for your response. Kind regards. Jiri

all the rent you will receive from the tokens you already have will be reinvested in the reinvestment property till it’s ‘sold’ out. Shortly before this happens a new reinvestment property will be offered, and and you can either sign in for this one too or you stop reinvestment and receive the regular rent payments.

many thanks, so, I am going to purchase another one and that one will also be reinvested till reinvesting is closed.