$Soon Token Questions

I create this topic as a place to collect questions regarding the upcoming $Soon token in hope to have all relevant questions at one place, that can be addressed at the next community call.

As a brief summery how I got it: $Soon will be distributed to RealT Token holders in two batches, first one is calculated by holdings during a snapshot done at May 13, the second batch will be calculated according to the duration we hold our tokens, the excact metrics have to be determined and should be announced as soon as available.
The $Soon Token will not be transferable for legal reasons and is supposed to be 1 US$ in value and can be redeemed for the upcoming RealT governance token in the future.

Besides the general metrics I am especially interested if RealT tokens within an uni- or levinswap pool are regarded as sold ones or do they count to the pool owners (long time) balance.

And regarding the upcoming governace token I am interested to have a short summary of the role it should have. Most likely governance on more general topics cause the governance regarding the single property should remain at the property token holders?

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another question: will the governance token holders be able to vote on creation of pools? I am still missing pools where property tokens are pooled together with stable coins. Not sure if my expectation holds true but imho this should encourage more people to provide liquidity and thereby increase the ability to trade without too much slippage.

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Can we get a list of all the props, the last date of valuation, the valuation, and the total amount of SOON tokens issued per prop? Thanks.

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