Time spread token sale

Spread the token sale over 24 hours so every time zone can have a chance to purchase.

For exemple release for purchase 1/24th of the tokens every hour.

Not sure if I would like this, cause the chance to get a token might be much smaler if just 1/24 of the amout is available and the max buy option remains at 10%. What about 3 sales 8 hours apart with e.g. 60/30/10 percent of tokens while applying the 10% limit to the first two sales and reducing it to a few tokens during the third one (or mabe max limit 10/5/0.5 %)?

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This last sale (the 100th) was split in 2, 80% at opening time, and 20% 12h later.
that worked fine for me, I was able to get some tokens !